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Dr. Matt Hewitt

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

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Gynaecological Robotic Surgical Fellowship

presentation of fellowship

Presentation to Dr Mo’iad Alazzam (centre) certificate of completion of on-site training in Robotic Surgery by Mr Dean Fossett Clinical Sales Manager UK and Ireland Intuitive surgical (left) and Dr Matt Hewitt (right).

This is the first such certificate to be awarded in Europe

Due to the unique nature of our 5 days-a-week access to the fully integrated laparoscopic gynae theatre and the ‘da Vinci’ robot, we are able to offer a robotic surgical training fellowship.

  •  6 to 12 month surgical fellowship using the da Vinci S Robot


  • The post is an ‘Intuitive surgical’ recognised training programme. Subject to clinical competence and the number of cases completed, the fellow will be placed on the ‘Intuitive’ surgical register 


  • Fellows will be trained how to set up, dock, troubleshoot and operate with the robot 


  • The successful applicant will be contracted as an ‘Anu fellow’ by the University College Cork and will have 2 committed clinical sessions a week including an on-call night which will part fund the post


  • The fellow will be expected to assist in teaching and produce robot related research 


  • By completion of the attachment the fellow should be able to operate independently using the robot. The minimum expectation would be to perform Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomies unassisted.  Depending on the trainee’s previous experience, expectations and patient availability more complicated procedures may be undertaken e.g sacrocolpopexies, lymphadenctomies and radical hysterectomies


  • Applications are invited from senior trainees in gynaecology


  • Preference will be given to those trainees who undertaking subspecialty training in Gynae Oncology or Urogynae


  • Please contact Dr Matt Hewitt Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist for further details matt.hewitt@hse.ie