Technical Details of a Robot Hysterectomy

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Technical Details of a Robot Hysterectomy

The robot in the Cork University Maternity Hospital is a ‘da Vinci S’

It is for the sole use of the gynaecology department

Docking of the robot.

We use both the side dock and 'between legs' docking.

A video demonstration of side docking can be seen on youtube by clicking here 

We can now dock in less then 5 minutes (this includes movement of the patient cart to the patients side, attachment of cart to patient trochars, setting of trochar depth, insertion of instruments).








Click to play video



Port sites

  • Camera port 12mm (Port 3)
  • Assistance port 12mm - suction and needle insertion (Port 4)
  • 3 da Vinci trochars. (Ports 1,2 and 5)

Instruments used for standard hysterectomy

  • Maryland grasper (Port 1 Robot arm 3)
  • Monopolar scissors (Port 2 Robot arm 1)
  • Gyrus bipolar Patient Left lower (Port 5 Robot arm 2)
  • For vault suturing we change the monopolar scissors for a needle grasper (Port 2 Robot arm 1)






Costs of hysterectomy instruments

click here to download pdf for hysterectomy cost per case 

Uterine manipulator

In this procedure a Rumi-Koh™ uterine manipulator and colpotomizer are used.

These are available from Cooper surgical ® 

da vinci robot surgery

'Between-legs' docking

 side dock

Side docking