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Dr. Matt Hewitt

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

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The Cork University Maternity Hospital


cork maternity hospitalAn unprecedented investment in infrastructure of €80 million led to the commissioning of a single centre of excellence for gynaecological, maternity and neonatal services in Cork. Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) opened in March 2007 and is integrated with and located on the campus of Cork University Hospital (CUH). CUH is the largest acute hospital in the region and the only level one trauma centre in the Republic of Ireland. CUH primarily treats patients from Cork and Kerry, serving a combined population of more than 620,000. The hospital is also a tertiary referral centre for Munster, serving a population of more than 1,173,000.

The hospital was designated one of eight centres of excellence for the delivery of cancer care in the republic under the National Cancer Control Programme in 2008 and CUH is just one of five gynaecological oncology specialty centres in Ireland.

 The UCC Anu Research Centre is a world-class research centre specialising in the molecular basis of human reproduction, perinatal clinical trials and epidemiology and innovation in gynaecological surgery. The Research Centre, which occupies the entire fifth floor of CUMH, is fully integrated into this leading edge infrastructure and is the first purpose-built research and clinical centre in Human Reproduction in Ireland and brings together expert academic and clinical staff. The Anu Research Centre comprises the Centre for Human Molecular Reproduction, the National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre and most importantly the Centre for Research and Innovation in Gynaecological Surgery 

Gynaecology theatre in the CUMH

cork maternity hospitalThe da Vinci S Robot is located within the new theatre suite, which is fully equipped with the Storz OR 1 operating system including the ‘AIDA’ system. These state-of-the art theatres are connected to the clinical training facility within the Centre for Research and Innovation in Gynaecological Surgery via high definition audiovisual links. In addition, the Centre is also home to a fully equipped high specification simulation teaching room.

The da Vinci Robot in Cork

  • The CUMH Robot was the first da Vinci Robot to be used in Ireland.
  • The Cork Robot is currently the only publically owned robot in the country.
  • The Cork Robot is one of only 3 robots in the world used exclusively for gynaecology.
  • More Robotic gynaecological procedures have been carried out in Cork than in any other centre in the UK or Ireland.
  • All CUMH based gynaecologists have signed up to the mission statement that ‘no woman should be subjected to laparotomy for a gynaecological procedure that could be performed by minimally invasive surgery.’


CUMH has rapidly become the home to the largest obstetric and gynaecological research group in Ireland. Since the Centre opened in 2006, peer reviewed grants totalling more than €15 million have been awarded from the Wellcome Trust, Science Foundation Ireland and the Health Research Board for a wide range of programmes ranging from national epidemiological studies to molecular bench-based science.

Since the Robot has been used we have kept confidential data on all the patients who have been operated on at Cork to enable audit and research to be undertaken in the department.

Please see the Biography page to view publications on the robot from the CUMH.